Thursday, December 4, 2008

Using Your Expired Domains to Increase Affiliate Profits

Using Your Expired Domains to Increase Affiliate Profits
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Now that you have an excellent expired domain in your kitty, what do you wish to do with that domain? Do you want to sell that domain at a mouth-watering price or do you wish to retain it with you to flip and make money through an affiliate link, click-through program? Affiliate programs are possibly the most lucrative and profitable way of making expired domain gains. Though affiliate program is fairly common method of earning money online, you can still use it to make meaningful money from your pack of expired domain names.

Here are some simple tricks that you can use to conquer a fiercely competitive affiliate program market:

Most of the affiliate web links invariably contain an affiliate ID in its URL. Some people may not like to click on such URL's just because they may not like affiliate marketing. Smart and experienced expired domain marketers are known for their wise and intelligent moves while choosing their expired domain names. If you wish to participate in an affiliate program, then you may need to search for the availability of a desired expired domain name that is fit enough to be projected to an affiliate program. It is always a wise move to choose and select the "redirect" and the "mask" option for your domain.

Just take a look at the following domains:

In fact, all the above mentioned URLs are affiliate programs. But, two of the three URLs are masked and invisible to an ordinary internet user. Masking is an intelligent technique that can help you hide your URL's connection with an affiliate program. This intuitive technique will help you earn decent expired domain income. To mask your expired domain based affiliate program URI, you can mask it by using a redirect script on your expired domain; creating a new file on the domain server, naming it (with cheapproduct.hmtl) and later copying and pasting the script code with the page, and entering the affiliate URL will help your affiliate domain masked in front of the ordinary eye.

Click-through affiliate marketing is a novel idea of earning an online income that is more of residual income in nature. By using the above mentioned technique, you can add more sophistication to your expired domain name as well. More clicks mean better traffic and increased income. However, using an affiliate program means that you are actually flipping your expired domain for better earning potential.

Thus, you may need to create a catchy and attractive web page to enter into an active business partnership with the affiliate program. In fact, you can use your stocks of expired domains to start a series of affiliate program and earn handsome income on an ongoing, residual basis. Domain redirection is a wonderful strategy to lead your prospective customers to your affiliate web site.

John Khu is an author and also a seasoned professional with vast experience in expired domain name business. He is the owner of the path breaking web sites called which provides complete and up-to-date information on expired domains and their eternal secrets.

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