Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What In The World Is Web 2.0 Marketing?

What In The World Is Web 2.0 Marketing?
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Marketing is a large part of your business, and successful marketing is a large part of having a successful business. Many people are very easily confused when they see web 2.0 marketing somewhere. However, there is nothing to be confused about. It's not a special program or different type of marketing. It's just a new way of doing things, and the whole "2.0" is just a buzzword that was mentioned once by someone and stuck. Basically, web 2.0 marketing is simply viral marketing. And viral marketing is simply word-of-mouth. It's a newer form of advertising and marketing that reaches more people and appeals to consumers in a manner they can relate to.

Viral marketing allows you to connect with potential customers on a much more personal level; through social networks, blogs, and other personal forums, you can create relationships that you might not have been able to otherwise. In order to make the most of web 2.0 marketing, you need to keep a few things in mind.

First, you need to attach emotion to your social marketing. Regardless of whether you make people love you or hate you, or make them feel happy or sad, an emotion needs to come out of the personal opinion that you give. Also, you need to be different. People are tired of the same old song and dance. If you're going to use a new marketing method, you need a new story to tell. Do something completely unexpected; you'll attract much more attention through shock and unexpectedness.

With viral marketing, you HAVE to convey a personal story or message. You can't just advertise and expect things to work out. You need to give people a story that they can relate to and attach themselves to, so they can see the purpose for buying your products and/or services. Keeping an open door policy is another big part of web 2.0 marketing. People need to feel welcome and be able to access information easily. Even having a sign in website can drive away business, so keep everything public and free to get the best response from your marketing endeavors.

Accepting comments and using comments to communicate with your readers on blogs and message boards is another way to personalize your business. By giving your business a virtual face, you will make it really hard for people to turn away from your business.

Next time you see the word "web 2.0", don't be afraid. Instead, just know that it's nothing more than a fancy buzzword.

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