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Build Your Online Business without Spending Money

Build Your Online Business without Spending Money
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In internet marketing there are the "haves" and the "I don't really have the money right now" ends of the spectrum. Some affiliate marketers begin their business with a good asset base backing their efforts up. They have a storehouse of cash to spend on premium advertising. When it comes to a website all primed for e-commerce and optimized they have that as well. All the power to them, they have a head start on building their business, and that's a good thing.

However, many people begin affiliate marketing with nothing but an idea. They see the opportunity affiliate marketing affords them and select products to promote. They soon find they need platforms for promotion. In addition, they learn quickly that placing a link or banner on a blog alone is not going to make money pour in. A neophyte affiliate marketer then learns there are other ways to drive traffic to their site quicker. The thing is, many of these ways cost money; money they certainly do not have.

The situation many new Internet entrepreneurs face is how to build their business initially without spending. Many realize that at some point they will have to incur expenses to drive their business to new heights. Not being able to do so right away doesn't mean they cannot grow their business from day one. A new affiliate marketer does have options for building their business that don't cost a penny. It will probably take them longer to see healthy income streams, but they can take immediate action.

Patience is a virtue when you have no budget to promote your affiliate products. You can slowly begin to build your business with a time, not monetary investment. The following are a few ways to build your online business without spending money:

Write Articles

Do you want to get widespread distribution of your website or blog links? Article writing and then article marketing of that writing is a great tool. Writing quality articles on topics related to your affiliate products is a way to build credibility as an Internet marketer. Useful information presented to your niche market intelligently can earn you consistent click backs to your website.

You write articles and have them sent to publishers via a good article distribution service. At the end of each article posted is an "Authors Resource" box.

Here's where you have a line or two about who you are, and a link to where your website or blog resides. Of course, the link takes them to where you can begin to sell them on your affiliate products. If your article was helpful to the reader there's a good chance they will link back to learn more about what you have to offer.

Post in Social Forums

Again, you are investing time, but no dollars. Check out the myriad of forums on a host of topics on the Web today. There is no shortage of forums and they cover most niches. Choose a handful of forums that interest you and post to them regularly. This is a form of networking.

Businesses do this all the time in a face-to-face sense. They are always holding trade shows, social events, conventions, and get-togethers where people of similar interest meet to discuss issues. That's what you do in an online forum. You build relationships online and as is appropriate mention your business and what products or services you offer. It's all done in a casual, conversational, non sales-hype way.

Advertise on Free Classified Sites

Do you not have the budget to pay for premium online listings? No need to get down, there are several free classified sites where you can post your advertisements. Again, they may not drive traffic to you as fast as paid premium listings.

They will get your message and links out, though, which is better than not advertising at all. If you consistently post ads on different free classified sites you will garner some traffic. Just make sure you post on the more popular ones that have an audience. Moreover, make sure you post to the appropriate categories that are suited to your affiliate product.

The above are a few things you can do today to build your online business without spending money. You will be spending your time, especially when it comes to article writing and forum posting. In the end, the time investment will pay dividends.

You will begin to see traffic come your way. You will start to earn commissions from sales. Then you can use that money to promote your business further and take it to the new levels of growth.

Brad McGovern is the Marketing Manager at and offers advice and news of note to article marketers.Watch for more from Brad at in the coming days!

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