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Pay Per Click Advertising Tips - Using Keywords

Pay Per Click Advertising Tips - Using Keywords
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Pay Per Click advertising is at once a simple and a complicated topic.

Simple, because the entire method has a very basic structure; a visitor to a website or search engine clicks your advertising link on the page and you pay a predetermined amount.

And complicated, because the process of getting website viewers to actually click those links at a high rate is hard to do.

So, in order to get more traffic to your website through advertisements you need to either increase the CTR (click through rate) or maintain the same click through rate and make sure the ad is seen by more people.

The process of getting your ad seen by more people can be difficult and can involve setting up accounts with multiple search engines, advertising networks, and content sites. If you have the means to do this, then by all means do.

However, if you want to maximize the efficiency of the pay per click advertising network you already have set up in order to increase traffic, then using the most effective keywords possible is probably a better way to go.

Which Keywords are Working?

Determining the effectiveness of your keywords may seem a daunting task, but when you have a set method, its not so complicated.

The first thing to do is to print up an analysis of the keywords you are already using. Which of these keywords have the highest rates of success? Which are getting the lowest?

Take the most effective keywords and enter them into a search engine. Then have a look at the results to see how they compare to what your website offers. You'll probably see a high correlation.

Now type in the least successful keywords. Odds are, you'll find that the results are not as content similar to what you are advertising as the more successful keywords.

This is illustrative of a key concept in pay per click advertising: it doesn't matter how much you see the keywords as relating to your website, but rather, how much the average web user sees the keywords as relating.

A search engine is a great way to double-check the relevance of the keywords you produce to the services you offer because it provides an objective view.

Every successful PPC marketer will agree that finding the right keywords for your niche is vital when compiling PPC ads. They have developed very streamlined systems to get the job done effectively, and laying your hands on these resources will save you a lot of time and (wasted) money. But be sure to check the creds of these 'experts' before you invest in their methods.

Kerry Finch is a full time internet marketer and writer who researches the latest markets and techniques in IM.
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