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Build Your Brand to Build Your Affiliate Marketing Business

Build Your Brand to Build Your Affiliate Marketing Business
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As an affiliate marketer you may be promoting various affiliate products. Each of these has their own persona or identity formulated by the manufacturer of each product. When you advertise and promote these products you highlight the benefits of each brand to your target market. That's effective affiliate marketing and something you should strive to do at all times.

However, in your marketing, are you also promoting your brand every step of the way? You have an identity as an affiliate marketer. Your identity manifests itself on your blog, on your website, in your article writing, and in your e-mail campaigns. It also manifests itself in the advertisements you write and the social forum postings you make.

You will better succeed as an affiliate marketer if you present a cohesive, consistent image of yourself as an affiliate marketer. You should do this in all your communications. You want to present yourself as a reputable, unique affiliate marketer that offers quality information and products to your niche market. You also want people to think of your website when it comes to accessing useful information related to your affiliate product.

How do you build your brand? Volumes on brand building exist and are part of business and marketing courses throughout the world. Suffice it to say that you build your brand by controlling the message you send in any format concerning your business.

Consistency with creativity is part of brand building. You want to present yourself so the next time someone sees or hears one of your promotions they immediately recognize you. They tie in what they currently see or hear to what they previously did from you. This takes time and effort.

The following are three ways to begin today building your unique brand as an affiliate marketer:


Have a consistent tone that speaks of who you are as a business person. Is this tone a raucous, flamboyant one as befits your product? If it is, then that is the tone you should adapt in your e-mail, newsletter, and advertising messages. Are you striving for a more elegant, classy persona? Then set that tone in your article writing and article promotion campaigns.

Exude class and elegance in your social forum postings, banner ads, and blog postings. Make sure your website is the epitome of class as well. In this way wherever people hear or see your message they recognize the tone as being distinctly you.

Logo and Design

Have a unique logo that distinguishes your website from others. Templates are fine but have you ever noticed how some business websites in totally different fields have the same look. Make your website stand out with your unique logo and design.

Incorporate this logo and design onto your business cards, letterhead, e-mail look, and advertising. Make your blog logo and design match your main website logo and design. Consistency of presentation is what you are after in brand building.


Content is what you apply tone to when you write. Your content defines you as an affiliate marketer. You may want the tone of your content to be light, fun, and breezy. That's fine, but what is your content? You build your brand by having content that people immediately recognize as yours.

If you market organic health foods as an affiliate marketer, your customers will expect content that gives useful advice on eating healthy. Your article writing will include this type of information. Your e-mail messages will be on healthy food alternatives, new organic foods on the market and such. Your advertising and forum postings will be about choosing foods based on certain healthy criteria.

In essence, all your content, wherever and whenever it is, will have this central focus. When people see your logo in an e-mail or on an ad or on your website, they will already know with what your content deals. They expect it and are ready to learn from it.

Branding yourself as a reputable, knowledgeable affiliate marketer will pay great dividends. When you brand yourself, people immediately know upon seeing your logo what to expect in terms of content and the tone of that content.

They form an opinion and image of your business based on what they see and hear. Present them a consistent look and message, in a consistent tone, and build recognition for your business.
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