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Analyzing Web Statistics to Help You Market Better

Analyzing Web Statistics to Help You Market Better
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When it comes to promoting an online business the more you understand consumers the better you can market to them. Knowledge is power in many areas of life and certainly in business. You do your Internet business a big favor when you engage in Web analytics.

Your particular host enterprise for your website or blog may have analytic tools available for you. If they do not, you can obtain analytic tools free or for low-cost from Web service providers. They are usually easy to install and are an aid in understanding visitors to your site. With this knowledge, you can fine-tune your operation to meet consumers' needs.

Data about visitors to your website will enable you to structure your website to produce maximum revenue. Consider how visitors arrived at your portal. With analysis tools, you can see what search terms visitors entered so they landed on your site.

A look at a list of search terms used may help you come up with even more terms. You may develop other keywords and phrases from what you learned by analyzing. You can then keyword-optimize your web pages to these new search phrases. You may never have thought of new keyword phrases without analysis of visitors' current keyword searches.

This study of keyword searches from Web analytics will also help your article writing. When you engage in article marketing, you want widespread distribution of your content. You want many people to find your useful articles. You want your article readers to link back to your website where you can introduce them to affiliate products.

People will only find your articles if they are keyword optimized. Of course, they have to be the right keywords. Web analytics of keyword searches visitors to your site used will help. You will incorporate these keywords into your article writing efforts and subsequently encourage traffic to them.

With Web analytics, you can also monitor from what websites your visitors originate. Maybe you are receiving many visitors from an online-classified advertising site. This lets you know that your advertising initiative is paying off. Alternatively, not all your work in writing ads for classified sites may be paying off.

Through Web analytics, you may find that you receive few if any traffic from a certain classified ad site. That tells you two things. One, it may not be worth it for you to continue to use that advertising portal. Two, your particular advertising writing distributed to that site may be ineffective. You may have to alter your advertising writing to suit a particular site better. Then through Web analytics, you can monitor whether you increase your traffic levels from the site.

Through Web analytics, you can monitor where most of your "conversions" originate. This is different from traffic. You may get a lot of traffic from a Website but no buyers. It's important to know which URL's are sending the buyers to your site.

You can then tailor further your affiliate site to meet the needs and wishes of these customers. If you sell organic teas, you may find most of your buyers come from a health issues publisher. They may come from a health food site with which you have a link exchange.

You now know you will tailor your Website to serve better the health niche. If they are giving you the most business, cater to them. You can then focus your page contents to them, as well as your article promotion campaigns.

Another way Web analytics can help you is by telling you where most visitors land. Many may land on your Homepage. However, many more may not. When you analyze data, you may find your Resources page gets many hits as a port of entry to your site. Is your Resource page attractive and user-friendly? It had better be if that's where many first-time visitors land.

The above are just a few examples of how Web analytics can help you. Take the time to involve yourself with a provider who offers analytic tools. Search out those who can provide you these tools to install on your website. Analyzing data is a way to understand your visitors and build your online business faster.

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