Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Are You Ready To Accept The Challenge Of Home Based Business

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Some say home based businesses go kaput after a year or two. They are just over-enthusiast persons steps taken in impulsion and when the excitement fades away, so does the business. Do you believe this? Well, you shouldn’t! This is because surveys reveal that almost 70% of businesses that are run from home are still functional, and in fact, thriving after a couple of years.

And for those who are born to be bosses, a home based business is the best thing to go for. But, no pains; no gains. So, you have to be ready to put in a lot of effort, energy, and time to become a successful home based entrepreneur. Besides, it requires greater amount of commitment, as you are always tempted to put off work when surrounded with family. However, a perfect coordination of family time and work time results in a successful home based business.


You are free to choose your working hours
You get to spend more time with your friends and family
The cost of setting up business is lower
You are there when your kids need you
You are saved from the everyday commuting to your workplace more

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