Saturday, March 29, 2008

Google AdWords - Intelligent Internet Marketing

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For all the Internet marketers out there, Google AdWords has come as an easy and cost effective marketing tool, for advertising about their products and services to a targeted audience. The importance of targeted traffic can never be emphasized enough perhaps! Only those viewers have the potential of converting into customers, who are actually looking for what you have to offer. With a non-targeted traffic base, you may get a thousand hits per day, but still not be able to make a single "sale"!

Pre AdWords-Era

There was a time when people made use of paid banner ads on frequently accessed websites (usually the free email providers) to announce about their web presence. The disadvantage with the system was that a very small fraction of the visitors of that site would really be interested in your products. So it was mostly a waste of money. But Google AdWords is an "intelligent" system, designed by Google, which displays your ads only on those sites which are related to your product range.

Click Here For Free Info On Google AdWords

For example, if you sell pet food, it won't do you any good to display ads on websites related to the Hollywood actors and actresses. However, if your ad units are displayed on sites related to pets and pet-accessories, anyone who sees your ad will already be looking for stuff regarding pets. As such, there is a better chance that he/she would click through to your website, and might even turn into a customer! This is the basic idea behind Google more

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