Friday, March 21, 2008

Should I Get into Affiliate Marketing or Sell My Own Products?

It’s really not a matter of one or the other. If you want to maximize your online income, you're going to do both. There is absolutely no way you can personally offer your target market everything they're going to you definitely want to include affiliate links, even if you sell your own products.

As one of my favorite Internet marketing teachers, John Reese, says - People are going to buy from your commission no matter what you do. You may as well make some money doing it.

Having your own products often allows you a higher profit margin and you'll be building your own list of customers that will buy from you over and over again. But sticking with your own products can be limiting.

Let's say you're writing an ecourse about getting a better night's sleep and you have an ebook on the topic. Obviously, you'll promote your ebook in the course, but there are other products you can recommend too. Perhaps some more comfortable pillows, eye masks or even a special herbal tea that encourages a more restful sleep. The possibilities are endless if you open your business up to promoting all the products your target market needs and desires.

Alice Seba is an online entrepreneur that has been earning a full-time income from affiliate programs since 2003. She thrives on helping people get ahead in their Internet businesses. If you’d like tips to help you increase your affiliate income, sign up for free here:

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