Saturday, March 29, 2008

Buy Targeted Traffic - Few Guidelines To Help You Buy The Right Package

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In your quest to get targeted traffic you must have come across sites with sales pitch 'buy targeted traffic'. However, before you go ahead and buy traffic from them, it would help if you are clear about few facts relating to targeted traffic.

For an online business to succeed you need targeted traffic and not just plain traffic. You are more likely to get customers from targeted traffic than from plain traffic. Targeted traffic would be the people who would be visiting your site because they are looking for products or services that you are selling. Visitors that come to your site accidentally are not likely to buy your products. So you need to ensure that you only buy targeted traffic.

See Who Visits

When you buy targeted traffic, you would want to keep an eye on who visits your site. The company that is selling you traffic will be able to provide you the statistics; however, it is best to rely on statistics provided by some third party. You can rely on the AWSTATS provided by your hosting account. When you keep an eye on who is visiting your site, you would find out whether you are actually getting targeted traffic or just plain traffic.

Another thing that you should ensure when you buy targeted traffic is that it is guaranteed. The good thing about guaranteed targeted traffic packages is that you can cancel them and get a refund for the remaining if you are unhappy with it at any stage. For example, you bought 10,000 visitors and after getting 2,000 visitors you soon realize that you are not getting the traffic that you were hoping for. You can go ahead and cancel the package and get a refund for the 8,000 more

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