Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Business Delegation – Share Your Work And Improve Your Efficiency

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Business delegation is essential for top-level executives. The list of work that a senior executive has to do increases day by day. This not only increases the stress of the person but also affects the growth of the business. In such a case, the only solution is business delegation.

What Should Be Delegated?

An important aspect to consider for business delegation is cost management. You can part with some of your work when another can do the same efficiently at a lower cost. Often executives avoid delegating some of those responsibilities that they feel are critical and cannot be done by anybody else other than them. However, holding the critical jobs only unto you, and not letting others train in those fields will only stifle the growth of the business. You might lose out on many important deals also, just because you are away and none of the rest in your team was able to handle the situation. First, you have to understand your position in your company. Identify your role that is contributing the highest value and try to focus on that part. Leave the rest to others and hold them accountable. This will not only reduce your stress but also allow the other employees to more

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