Thursday, March 13, 2008

Google Adsense - 8 Tips to cash in $30 a day

Google Adsense - 8 Tips to cash in $30 a day
By Paul Majestyck

Adsense is really easy money if you know what you are doing. So here are 8 Google Adsense tips I use to make 30 to 35$ per site every day.

Tip 1 : Keep your ads above the fold

The fold is what you see when your page loads. You must make sure that your Adsense ads can be seen without having to scroll down.Most people have no time to waste and will not bother to go below the fold.

Tip 2 : No more than 4 Ads per page

I am not talking about ad blocks, but about Ads. Google places the best ads to the top so the less ads you display, the more you will get paid per click.

Tip 3 : Stick to the Medium rectangles.

My best choice would be the 250x250 rectangle displaying 3 ads. You can also split test the large rectangles. But as far as I am concerned the medium rectangle works the best.

Tip 4 : Blend, Blend, Blend

It has been said before, but the truth is that people have become Ad blind. What ever is perceived as an ad is ignored. Therefore your ads need to look like being part of your site. Use the same background color, the same text size and color. Blend the border into your background. But...

Tip 5 : Keep the links Blue

Whatever your text or background color, keep you Adsense links blue. In peoples mind, if it is blue, it is a link -- and the idea is to get your visitors to click on your links (mainly on your Adsense links).

Tip 6 : Set up Channels

If you have more than one ad unit per page,set up a channel for each unit (remember tip 1 no more than 4 ads per page).If you only have one ad unit per page, set up a channel per page. Channels will help you keep track of what ads are working and what are not.

Tip 7 : Keep an Eye on your CTR

CTR stands for Click Through Ratio. Number of clicks divided by number of page views multiplied by 100. If one of your pages has a lower CTR than others, you might want to change the content to make it more relevant. If you follow the previous tips, you should expect at least a 5 to 10% CTR. If not, you may want to start shifting things around.

Tip 8 : check your Adsense ads to make sure they are relevant to your content.

Sometimes, you will see non relevant Adsense ads appear on you pages. If that is the case try and figure out what is going on... Maybe you need to change you meta tags, or maybe a word in your content is messing things up.

These are the tips I use to make at least 30$ per site per day. I can't guarantee that you will make as much money as I do, but what I know for sure is that if you ignore these 8 easy to follow Adsense Tips, you are leaving lots and lots of money on the table

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