Monday, March 17, 2008

Social Bookmarking Tools - Let Us Know About Them

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Statistics prove that social bookmarking tools are liked more than browser bookmarks or favorites. Why? Well, it is because they provide accessibility from any computer, incorporate superior details in archiving and recovery and also provide us with the ability to share our bookmarks as a whole or by tags with others.

Today, a large variety of social bookmarking tools, with different functionality and rates are available in the market. The prime goal of bookmarking tools is to help you save bookmarks to an online service or tag them with relevant keywords. Social bookmarking tools also allow you to clip all or a portion of the page that you bookmark, with comments and more meaningful content.

The Everchanging World Of Social Bookmarking Tools And Their Benefits

Click Here For Free Info On Social Bookmarking Tools

You might wonder- ‘why do so many web users use social bookmarking tools?’ Let us look into some of their benefits to answer this question.

Social bookmarking tools enable like-minded people to find each other so that they can create new communities of users around a topic

These tools allow specific groups of people to share resources efficiently

They help one in finding new insights on a topic by viewing what others think about it

They help to automatically save cached copies of the pages that you bookmark

They incorporate various mechanisms for sharing information via RSS, integration with other tools

What’s more, some social bookmarking tools also allow you to assign a particular URL as "private" so that you can keep it only for yourself! more

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