Monday, March 24, 2008

Independent Programs vs. Affiliate Marketing Networks

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Affiliate marketing helps merchants in selling their goods to a fairly large number of people without putting in tiresome efforts. Usually they have to open large showrooms, storage houses and employ an efficient sales team to sell their goods. It is not possible for a merchant to open showrooms in every city or country but today Information Technology has helped the merchants to reach nearly every small town and city. You can log on to their website anytime you want and buy their products. The merchants will deliver the product at your doorstep once the sale process is finished.

Click Here For FREE Info On Affiliate Marketing

The affiliate marketing programs are very popular right now. The main reason for this popularity is quite simple: it is advantageous to both, the merchant as well as the marketer or affiliate. Presented below are some benefits that merchants enjoy:

Instead of having a sales force of one or two people in his team, a merchant can have a sales force of thousands or more if he is using affiliate marketing. Their products or services will be seen by hundreds of visitors every day, instead of only those that they themselves would be able to promote.

With affiliate marketing, the merchant does not have to worry about manpower handling tasks like hiring, firing etc.

One major advantage of affiliate programs is that the merchant wouldn’t pay anything to the affiliate unless the actual product sale is made. So in this type of promotional activity, there is no expense since you only pay for your more

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