Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Boost Your Business With The Power Of Viral Marketing

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Viral marketing is an essential marketing tool because you cannot expand your business without marketing it in some way or the other. It has long been proven that of all the advertising methods in use, the ‘word of mouth’ method works best in a localized scenario. No matter what the glossy ads may say, if a friend tells you of a product and how well it has worked, you become automatically predisposed to trying it out.

Don’t Use Pink Dancing Rabbits

The same holds true for viral marketing. This technique relies on people receiving intimation of your product – not from parties that have a vested interest, but from real live persons who have tried the product out and have something good to say about it. This sort of buzz carries far more credibility. Most businesses consciously try to create this with their advertising methods. This is why you see a lot more typically next door persons in the ads these days rather than pink dancing rabbits. And if you do have pink dancing rabbits in your ads, then you better sell rabbit feed!...read more

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