Monday, March 31, 2008

Search Engine Optimization Made Easy

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Search Engine Optimization or SEO means getting your site on the first few choices of a search engine result page, as a result of the keywords punched in. The keywords should be relevant to your content. Some of the popular SEOs are Google, Yahoo, MSN and AOL. It is very a useful tool of marketing as it directs targeted traffic towards your portal or site.

Most of the websites on the net still do not know the art of fully utilizing Search Engine Optimization. Search engines do not go through each and every site carefully and then put them up on the web. They have algorithms which are programmed to rank pages according to the text relevance. If you have a flawed design or irrelevant coding then your site might appear for a totally different keyword or would appear at the bottom of the result page. All websites strive to get themselves a higher ranking on the Search Engine Result Page or SERP. This is not too difficult if you know how to do on-page and off-page optimization along with the use of Meta tags.

On - Page Optimization

This plays an important part in the Search Engine Optimization. Keywords, link structures, text, images and other visible and invisible features help maximize the on-page optimization. Keywords are the most important feature. They should be used in title, description and header tags. Remember not to overuse them as this would result in keyword spamming. The content should be in absolute relevance with the keywords or else your page might show up for completely different set of keywords; an unwanted thing for you and your more

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