Sunday, March 30, 2008

Social Bookmarking - A Revolution On The Web

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Social bookmarking has revolutionized the way business is done on the Web. Yes, the Web has indeed changed. Just fifteen years ago the internet was nothing like it is today. There was no internet marketing, at least not the way we know it today. There was a time when selling on the internet was a taboo. It was there primarily as a means of communication and looking for information. But all that changed for the better, the day some brave marketers saw the marketing potential of the net. They came forward and seized the opportunity.

Web 2.0 and Social Bookmarking

Over the years the marketers have had to adapt to the changes that the net has undergone. That is the only way to survive in any medium or market. Otherwise they will soon fall by the wayside and die a slow death. They instead chose to follow the dictum, ‘While in Rome do as the Romans do’. The traditional way of doing marketing is slowly dying a natural death. The need of the hour is to adapt and change. The Web 2.0 and social bookmarking are the harbingers of that change.

Social bookmarking is an integral part of the new ‘Participation Marketing’. Now you no longer need to shout your message at the top of your voice, and force it down the throat of unsuspecting people. All the other advertisement medias are in any case giving them enough of that. Now you conduct your business with dignity and √©lan. Now you let people have faith in your authority on the subject, service, or the product that you are promoting. Now you converse with people and understand their needs. Now you participate in discussions on subjects that other people are interested in. That is the extent to which we have had to adapt.

Why do some people resist social bookmarking? Making relationships and participating in meaningful conversations is not everyone’s cup of tea. You need to invest time and discipline in doing that. You need to really care about people to do that. Or at least show that you do care about them. In the short run, it is too much to do. In the long run, it pays more than you put into it. You can’t have a short term tunnel vision in the day of Web 2.0. The Web is moving and you need to move with it.

With this new social power linking, called social bookmarking, you have no other option but to adapt. Some people saw it coming before you did and they are already reaping the fruits of their foresight. They have an early mover advantage. This new way is not just a fad. Be very sure that this trend is here to stay.

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