Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Delegation – A Foundation To Build A Successful Business Empire

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Delegation is the most essential requirement for the healthy growth of any business enterprise. Regardless of the size of a business, good entrustment skills of a manager are required for the successful functioning of a company. An efficient manager will hand over some of his tasks to his subordinates and thereby save time so as to concentrate on other issues that need his attention more. Unfortunately, many companies are facing a failure in this regard because of an improper usage of designating skills. The main reason behind it is the manager’s distrust on his employees. Let us know what the term ‘delegation’ actually means.

The Concept

An assignment in true sense covers the three important role areas of a manager. They are:

The Task: Effectiveness and efficiency, monitoring and safety requirements.
The Team: Working relations and making decisions.
The Individual: Development and communication.

While delegating work to others, you have to take all the three factors into account. Remember that individual and team development is very important for an efficient delegation and ignoring even any one of the above basics will lead to more

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