Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Build Your Online Business Using Viral Marketing Techniques

Build Your Online Business Using Viral Marketing Techniques
By Paul Majestyck

Viral marketing has emerged as an unstoppable marketing tool to reckon with in businesses. It is a system that makes use of networks that have existed from before for the promotion of a service, idea, or a product. The term viral gained currency because this marketing method spreads very fast among people by passing information.

Given below are some superb viral marketing techniques and characteristics:

1. Give away something of value away for free

One of the most powerful marketing terms is none other than “free.” When you plan to use this term for your enterprise think about what you want to give away as a freebie. A few of the common things are research reports, e-zines and books, free samples, or an email auto-responder course. All of these items can be provided for “free” through various means. Put opt in tools on all the pages of your website for any or all of the above.

Opt in functions should also be installed in your current e-zines, in your article or blog signature file, in your email signature file and cross referenced with each marketing tool.

2. Provide a way to easily transfer an idea, image or concept to others

Viruses spread only when they are easily transmitted, otherwise they stay inside their host subject. It is very important to create a marketing system that can be forwarded easily. Attachments, HTML emails, podcasts and website links are some of the techniques that can be sent to recipients. Internet users also forward to others website links of articles, blogs and forum posts that they like themselves.

3. Make it scalable

Your business as well as website should have the strength to tackle a large flow of queries when you start on viral marketing. For instance, if large number of people show interest on your freebies that you have put up, do you possess the technology to deliver what you promise? If not, then you should contact a provider that can do the needful on your behalf. Becoming thoroughly acquainted with this marketing tool before you introduce a campaign and getting used to the supportive technology that you will require to execute the plan are a must as requests pour in.

4. Make use of the motivation and natural instinct of others

Opt ins and permission email lists are instances of marketing skills that make explore the natural instinct of people to want things for free. Affiliate programs make use of businesses by generating a high volume of links from persons searching for a place to put high quality ads on their sites.

5. Utilize current and existing communication methods

Once you decide to launch a viral marketing campaign, make sure that you explore the most recent internet marketing tools and trends. Right now email autoresponders, podcasts, nanocasts, article writing, blogs, and instant messenger are the most popular communication and marketing tools the Internet has to offer. To become a successful business owner you will need to acquaint yourself with all of these methods and also newer techniques that come up so as to build a real viral marketing potential.

By making the most of the above ideas, your business will be in a prime status to generate small and even big scale viral effects as you create quality materials for your business.

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