Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Great Tips For Successful Viral Marketing

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While many successful marketers know the great benefits of viral marketing, many others are simply not aware. Some may even associate the word ‘viral’ with something nasty or unethical!

The DNA Of Viral Marketing

Of course all those who know better, know that the ‘viral’ in viral marketing refers to the rate of growth if something simply doubles every day. No doubt you have heard of the weed that doubles every day. If today it covers the entire pond, then a week ago, the weed patch was barely visible! So it is with viral marketing. If everyone who is introduced to a product simply tells two others about it twice in a day, then in a month you will have probably covered the country!

Some Marketing Tips

There are ways of maximizing the benefits of such an important marketing technique. We set out to give you a few of these: ....read more

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