Monday, March 17, 2008

Social And Business Bookmarking - Using Bookmarks To The Optimum

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You might have read something interesting on the internet and while reading you might have also noticed an icon that says "share" or "bookmark". Welcome to the world of social and business bookmarking. If you want to know more about social bookmarking or how bookmarking can benefit your business, simply go to Google and start a search under that term. You will find a plethora of sites and references.
Benefit Galore

Social and business bookmarking are two sides of the same coin- ‘bookmarking’. Social bookmarking helps web users to store, classify, share and search for their favorite private or social internet bookmarks, while business bookmarking helps businesses do web promotion and reach large groups of people at a fraction of the cost by allowing the storage and sharing of bookmarks online. Such bookmarks can also be accessed from any computer at any time by the businesses.

Yes, it is true that social bookmarking can give you an online presence for you home based business and help you in the online marketing of your business. Large MNCs like Sony etc also recognize the value of social bookmarking in advertising and promoting their business. You can opt to integrate social bookmarking and blogging to help your business scale greater heights or you can choose to trade bookmarks with other social bookmarkers to get more viewers for your online more

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