Friday, March 28, 2008

Here Are Some Answers To How Writing Article Can Bring You Links

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Here is a question many of us ask. What kind of article writing can bring me links?

Here are some typical article types which seem to draw the attention of readers most of the time.

List Of Tips

People like reading tips on popular issues. Tips on popular issues immediately draw readers’ attention. You can choose from among the many hot issues of the day. Some examples are, tips on how to stay fit, tips on how to invest, tips on how to face an interview etc. Write on a subject you are most familiar with. You have an edge if you have professional expertise on the subject. Article writing has limitless opportunities.

Good Advice

An in-depth advice post can be a winner article. Include this in your article writing. For example, a subject like “Saving for retirement” will draw broad attention. There is no dearth of popular subjects. But you need to write a quality post to make your more

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