Sunday, November 9, 2008

2 Places To Meet Home Business Partners

2 Places To Meet Home Business Partners
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The lifeblood of many home business opportunities is fresh leads. Whether you are in network marketing, Internet marketing, or 2 tier affiliate marketing, you need to be in constant contact with new prospects if you expect your business to grow.

The Internet is an excellent place to meet people that could become potential business partners. In this article we will talk about two of these places and how to properly utilize these resources to grow your home business.

1. Social networking is extremely big and has actually spawned a new term known as social media. Social media can be anything that allows you to interact with your prospects. Examples of this include audio, video, podcasting, webinars, blogging, and much more.

Another direct way to use social networking to your advantage is to hang out in various directories or social networks themselves. You are probably familiar with Facebook, and My Space. You may not be familiar with which is another excellent place to meet potential home business partners.

Some of the most popular social directories today that you can get traffic and potential leads from include the Digg, Propeller, Stumbleupon, Twitter, and literally thousands more.

2. Another excellent place to meet people is to hang out in discussion forums. There are literally discussion forums for every type of topic imaginable. is the world's largest resource for finding discussion forums to meet people at.

The proper way to use a discussion forum is to make a post and participate in the discussion. Most discussion forums will let you create a signature file where you can write a short classified ad about yourself and your product.

The way to meet people and potential home business partners in a discussion forum is not to advertise your product in any of the posts themselves. The proper ways to enhance your credibility is by being helpful, and then driving traffic to your website via your signature file.

It is a proven fact that literally millions of dollars have been transacted through joint ventures made in discussion forums. This is a great place to meet home business partners for your business, because people that are in discussion forums are already used to using the Internet and may have a need to make more money.

In summary this is two places to meet home business partners. There are many other ways to make contacts on the Internet, but social networking and discussion forums continue to be excellent business builders.

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nickysam said...

I am a serious relationship kind of girl. How do i meet guys that are interested in serious relationships? do you think i should date men that are a little more mature, experienced etc. As of late i have been dating younger men and they seem really callous and reckless and never seemed to appreciate me much. can't generalize of course. but it always seems like a guy calls me his girlfriend.Tells me he loves me and then i find out he is having sex with 5 other women.