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Ludicrously Lucrative List Building
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Lots of people put opt-in forms on their websites because they know that once you get people on your list, you will then be able to make more money with your business because you will have more opportunities to sell to people.

Once you sell a good product to someone and they are happy with the results they got from the product, then they will trust your advice and are more likely to buy again from you in the future.

But they have to know about these new products you will eventually offer before they can buy it. If they are regular visitors to your website then there isn't a problem but if they're not, then how will they know? Also, with the amount of websites that could be competing in your market, they may be distracted by other sites.

It's kind of like your favorite retail store. You love shopping there because of the great deals but you wont go there everyday to see if something new is on sale. Well at least most of us wont ;-) . You don't even think of it. But when your local paper comes to your door, the first thing you do is look for your favorite retail store's sales flyer.

This is the same thing with an opt-in list. Once you create a relationship with them, they will look forward to your emails and you have the ability to tell them about any new product offers you will have in the future.

Now you just can't go and throw an opt-in form on your site and expect people to give you their name and personal email address, you have to BRIBE them. Ya I said it... you have to bribe them!

You have to give them a darn good reason before they will give it to you. So put together a report or a series of reports in text, video, or audio format. Prepare anything that will be valuable information to your market that people will jump at the chance at getting in exchange for the email address.

Once on your list, then you can eventually start recommending products. But don't start promoting too soon, let your subscribers go through all of the great free content you just gave them first.

The backbone of the opt-in list is the auto-responder. Auto-responders allow you to send out a series of emails on different days. For example you could write a 7 day report and set up your auto-responder to send a different email everyday.

This is great because all you have to do is set it up once and it doesn't matter if someone opts in today or 4 months from now, each person will get the same 7 day report every day for 7 days. Without an auto-responder you would manually have to send the report each day whenever someone new signs up. Impossible.

Get started today with setting up your autoresponder and build your list!

Colleen Lilly is a blogger and social marketer. She has learned the secrets to a successful online business through Social Marketing and can help you with cutting edge online programs.

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