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Building Authority And Search Engine Optimization For Higher Rankings

Building Authority And Search Engine Optimization For Higher Rankings
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In the pursuit to deliver a better Internet experience, Google, Yahoo!, and the other major search engines diligently build better algorithms for ranking websites. While link popularity (the number of incoming links that point to your website) is still a valid search engine optimization tactic, it is far less vital to good rankings than trust and authority. In other words, if your website is considered authoritative, Google and Yahoo! will place it on the first page of organic listings for the competitive keywords you pursue.

The concept of trust and authority for search engine optimization is still hard to understand for many people. This article describes how a website becomes considered authoritative and explains the steps a website owner can take to build the authority of their website to enjoy higher organic rankings.

How A Website Becomes Authoritative

The best way to understand how websites become authoritative through search engine optimization is to consider research papers. For example, if a particular research paper is cited by other research papers, it becomes credible. As more people cite the research paper, especially authorities in the same field as that of the paper, it becomes trusted and authoritative. Just like if Stephen Hawking cited a paper someone else wrote on black holes, others would consider the paper authoritative because Stephen Hawking is considered an expert in the field of black holes.

Authority through search engine optimization works in the same way. For example, when operating a website that publishes articles about golf, attracting links from Golf Digest or The Professional Golfers Association would increase the authority of your website within the field of golf. Basically, the more authority you have, the more likelihood you will place high in the organic listings of Google and Yahoo!

Building An Authoritative Website

Building an authoritative website through search engine optimization is difficult. This is why many website owners turn to an SEO company. First, you must carve out a successful keyword inventory that targets and forms the foundation of your search engine optimization efforts. This requires extensive research, competitive analysis, identifying existing authorities in your field, and knowing how well those authorities control the keywords you want to target.

Second, you must build a satisfactory number of critical incoming links to your website. Ideally, these search engine optimization links should come from websites that are authoritative within your field. It isn't usually easy (picture trying to get Stephen Hawking to cite your research paper), but with time and effort, it can be accomplished. By slowly working to attract incoming links from trusted and relevant content websites, mildly relevant education websites (or .edu domains), and social media websites, you will grow the authority of your website. As your authority grows, as will your rankings in Google and Yahoo! for your targeted keywords.

Receiving Qualified Traffic

One of the main advantages to having an authoritative website is that the time, effort, and money invested in search engine optimization will begin to bring in qualified traffic over time. As your website ranks higher, it gains exposure and respect, which attract more incoming links. The more this happens, the more authority you gain, the more exposure to qualified traffic you receive.

Building the authority of your website is a good search engine optimization strategy. Considering partnering with an experienced Chicago SEO company, or a search engine optimization company anywhere, to deliver the best results.

Aaron Wittersheim writes for Whoast, a Chicago SEO company (http://www.whoastseochicago.com/). They help their clients boost their ROI through cutting-edge, ethical search engine optimization. Chicago serves as their headquarters, but they help clients nationwide (http://www.whoastseochicago.com/).

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