Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Search Engine Strategies For Beginners

Search Engine Strategies For Beginners
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The Google rank number one is the holy grail of internet marketing. Search engines are used by billions of people worldwide, trillions of times every day.

The amount of money spent over the internet increases every year, by unprecedented amounts, and search engine optimization techniques ensure that the customer's dollars go to the companies that are best at it. How can you get your company to the top of the customers' spending lists?

Search engine optimization is a niche, expert industry - and an extremely important one. It changes the playing field for competing companies entirely, bringing small companies in to contend in the same arena as the Coke's, Cadbury's and Microsoft's of this world.

One of the most important ways of increasing your search engine ranking is link building, and many other web marketing strategies that you may have heard of use link building as their basic method for increasing a search engine ranking.

Submitting your site to web directories is an essential part, and depending on your field, there will be up to several hundred of them that you can use. Blogs also use back links and link building to market websites, and Technorati is one blog directory that has a list that you can use.

Press release distribution and article marketing are other very important ways to build links to your website, as well as build your reputation in your field. There are more topics than you might think for press releases, including the launch of your website, changing of major staff at your organisation, and even upper management commenting on social issues.

Just like article marketing though, which we'll look at next, the creation and distribution of press releases can create a significant workload for your company. In many cases it is better to outsource this function to an internet consultancy service.

Article marketing is another link building strategy that helps make your website more prominent on the net. As well as the value of the link, you may get traffic through your website from people that want to learn more about the author, or access your services on the functions that you write on.

Articles can get cumbersome to write and upload yourself, and if you haven't targeted the correct keywords in the correct quantities, they can be next to useless again, using professional internet marketing services can make all the difference.

Blogs are a huge part of modern internet marketing, and are one area where the client really needs as much input as internet consultancy services. You will need to blog for yourself, unless you have quite a large budget, and will need to know which keywords to focus on, and in what quantities, for your work to be effective.

Web analysis tools and web analytics packages from experts can help identify these, however they are quite a dynamic thing. You can't find out once, and then continue to use data from two years ago - use your internet consultancy service to update you.

Gregory Smyth is the CEO of Inetasia Solutions Limited, http://www.inetasia.com. Gregory has taken the company to great heights with its various e-business solution products, which have become a backbone infrastructural tool that have powered websites for numerous high profile companies.

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