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Affiliate Marketing: 6 Essential Tips for Real Beginners

Affiliate Marketing: 6 Essential Tips for Real Beginners
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Yes, you CAN make money at affiliate marketing, but you absolutely must do your research and know exactly what to expect before starting your affiliate journey. There are hundreds of affiliate opportunities, so how do you choose? Put any unrealistic expectations aside, put the "rose colored spectacles" back in their box, focus, and follow some simple steps!

1. Research trends and make sure you know what is in demand. Choose your niche carefully. In this fast paced world of ours, this aspect of affiliate marketing can be confusing for beginners. Trends and fashions change constantly, and you will not be able to decide on one method and expect it to keep working over time. Be prepared to adapt and keep an open mind. You will have your own interests and passions, so to start with, choose a product or products that reflect these interests. It will be easier for you to promote items or services that you have some knowledge of, and are appealing to you. HOWEVER....what must you do? Research! You need to know how potentially profitable or otherwise your chosen niche would be.

2. Be mean with your dollars! Be very wary of any expensive program offering to set you on the road to affiliate marketing riches. Some will do exactly what they claim, but unfortunately, there are many others that will not. Again, do your research, and avoid any programs that charge you a lot of money. You don't want to find yourself paying out more than you earn......that is most certainly NOT the plan!

3. Now, that all important commission! This is what you are working for, so make sure it is worthwhile! A commission of 50% - 60% is desirable, but if the product is really high end, then of course, 40% or even 30% would be acceptable. Anything less than that, well, you would have to be doing it for love!

4. Be patient. On an almost daily basis, you can read comments from affiliate beginners who are totally convinced that they will be making hundreds of dollars within a week of signing up to a program. NO! Like any other internet business, affiliate marketing is not an instant fix, it takes time. Keep your focus, stick with it, and the rewards WILL come.

5. Learn some writing skills. You don't have to turn yourself into a star copywriter, but your affiliate marketing career can be helped enormously by good copy. Take the time to learn how to write articles and good content to promote your products. There are numerous copywriting tutorials available, some free, some at a cost. If you really feel that the writing is beyond you, and funds permit, consider outsourcing this aspect of your business. This need not be as expensive as you think, and will be worth it in the long term. Good copywriting is SO important.

6. Find it all a bit overwhelming? Affiliate marketing is often promoted as the easiest way to make money on the internet, but beginners can find themselves confused and disappointed in a very short time, and at that stage many give up. Again, do your research, and get some sound advice. There are successful affiliate marketers who are happy to give newbies a helping hand, and some will actually be prepared to mentor you. Also, there are some great free eBooks available that are packed with valuable information.

Ron Woodham retired at 65 and set up his own Internet Business. He spent 9 months teaching himself how to create and build websites from scratch, and now shares his knowledge through his Building Blocks for Beginners.

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