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4 Easy AdWords Tips to Make Your Campaign A Winner

4 Easy AdWords Tips to Make Your Campaign A Winner
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AdWords is a wonderful way to bring highly targeted traffic to your website but many people fail to reach their true potential with it. In all honesty, maximizing profit with Google AdWords is a science.

Here are 4 tips on conducting a successful AdWords Campaign:

1.) Understand how AdWords works

Most people cannot even make their television remote work properly. Why? Because most people do not take the time to read the instructions. The same is true in the internet marketing world. Before beginning your AdWords adventure, you should take the time to learn everything you possibly can about the system. There are others who have used the system with great success so we know that AdWords is a viable way to generate high quality traffic. No system is going to work if you do not learn how to make it work for you.

2.) Understand keyword types

There are 4 keyword types that can be used with AdWords, and each will affect how your ad is triggered:

Broad Match - example: dog racing((This type of keyword is entered using no quotation marks or brackets. When a user conducts a search that contains either word, your ad will be triggered. This type of match is not always as effective as you might like it to be and can attract the wrong type of traffic.( Phrase Match - example: "dog racing"((Using quotation marks when entering your keywords will narrow the field a bit. Now, only searches that contain the words "dog racing" in that order will activate your ad.

Exact Match - example: [dog racing]((If you enter your keyword with brackets surrounding them, a user must type the exact phrase into the search box. This type of match will allow you to narrow the focus of your campaign and your ad will only be triggered by an exact match.

3.) Relevancy

To get your ad placed as high as possible while enjoying the lowest cost, the copy for each of your keywords must be strictly relevant. Put your keyword in the headline and in the body of your ad.

If you do not do this then your ad will be in a much lower position and the cost will be significantly higher.

4.) Landing Page

Believe it or not, AdWords places a good amount of weight on the quality of your landing pages. Google believes that your landing page must be true to your AdWords copy. If you are advertising a free product, e-book, or report then there must be an open download link on your landing page. If you are using the word free in your ad and lead your visitors to a squeeze page where they must provide their name and email address in exchange for your freebie, Google will penalize you.

The best advice here NEVER use the word "free" unless there is an open download link on your page.

The tips described here are just a few of many that will help your AdWords campaign be successful. Learn as much as you can about the system and make it work for you.

Frank Rumbauskas is a New York Times bestselling author and a Google-Certified AdWords Professional. He has created several highly successful businesses using AdWords alone. To download 10 chapters of Frank's AdWords system, please visit

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