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How Building Trust Builds Your Online Business

How Building Trust Builds Your Online Business
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In business, whether bricks and mortar or online, there are always the fly-by-nighters. You know the type, out for a quick buck by any means. To these kinds of operators, the customer is the last thing on their mind. Their modus operandi is to get a sale at any cost. What happens is the consumer bears the brunt of the cost without any quality return on investment.

That is why consumers today are wary of doing business online with unknown-to-them enterprises. That's why it is so important to build trust before you can really build your affiliate business. When you take the time to build a trusting relationship with people you sow the seeds for long-term business activity.

How do you let your niche market know they can trust you? You do it by promising certain things than delivering on them. You never want to appear as the aforementioned fly-by-nighters enterprises. They are those who promise one thing and deliver another, or deliver nothing at all.

Here are a few ways you can build that trusting relationship with consumers:

Tell It like It Is

This is the no-bull, straight shooter approach, albeit it in a respectful dignified way. Don't engage in article writing or sales pitches that bend the truth or represent things as more than they really are. Speak about your affiliate products and services truthfully and honestly.
If you write a product comparison article tell it like it is. Trumpet the best features of your and your competitors affiliate products. Talk about the disadvantages of each one as well. When your article readers see you clearly and honestly speak of products in your niche they will trust you.

They will see you as a knowledgeable affiliate marketer looking out for their best interests. They will see you as someone who can aid them in making informed purchase decisions. In short, they trust you as an information provider. Whose Website do you think they will check out when it comes time to purchase? The odds are very good they will check yours out.

Perform It Like You Promised

This is simply doing what you said you would do when you said you would do it. Did you promise a visitor to your affiliate site a free product sample? Did you tell them when they could expect it? If so, then make sure you have enough samples on hand. In addition, ensure that you have delivery mechanisms in place so they receive samples on time.

Maybe you promised regular customers an informative e-book title four times a year. Did you deliver four at regularly scheduled intervals? Were they truly informative books or marketing fluff designed to "sell" them not "help" them? You build trust with customers when you deliver the value you promised when you promised it.

Show Them The Person Behind The Product

You build trust quickly with potential customers when you let them see the person behind the business "persona." As an affiliate marketer have an "About Us" page. Have your e-mail address and telephone number or address displayed as well. Don't have your customers thinking, "Who was that masked man or woman." In other words, don't hide yourself from your purchasing public. People want to know whom they're dealing with most of the time.

Even the big online marketers let people know who and where they are. They make it easy for their customers to contact them for help. They do not hide, and hope that they can sell online without revealing their identity.

Quality, Quality, Quality

Another key to building trust and long-term relationships is by providing quality always. The affiliate product you are passionate about must deliver as promised all the time. Customers don't like surprises. They want that software program you're trumpeting to perform as you promised. They want it to have all the functions you spoke about in your product comparison article. They want it free from bugs that hinder performance.

Consider quality customer service. Do you offer exemplary customer service consistently? Is it a notch above what your competitors offer? Do you strive to continually analyze and upgrade the service you offer affiliate customers? When you do, people will choose you the next time they buy. They trust you will stand behind what you sell to ensure their satisfaction.

Building trust with your clientele is basic business acumen. When people see you as a trustworthy affiliate, they will be open to your marketing message. Why wouldn't they be, you're going to give them what you promised, and what they need.

Brad McGovern is the Marketing Manager at and offers advice and news of note to article marketers.Watch for more from Brad at in the coming days!

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