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Earn Money Without A Website: 15 Ways To Do It Right!

Earn Money Without A Website: 15 Ways To Do It Right!
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Its a well known fact that in order to business with the webs global market you need to establish some type of web presence. However, you dont need to own and operate a website to do this. If you have been stressed about your affiliate marketing business because you cant manage a website, or dont want to take on the project of web design, you can a deep, long, sigh of relief. This article points out several ways to earn money without a website as an affiliate without a website.

1. Email marketing

By subscribing to an autoresonder like Aweber, you can send prewritten messages to your list.

2. Article Marketing

Instead of putting a web address at the bottom of the articles you submit to directories, put your email address or facebook/myspace profile address.

3. Blogging

Set up a lead capture page on free blog. You dont have to update it regularly; you just need a page with your marketing message, and autoresponder.

4 Social Networking

Sites like Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter are great ways to promote your affiliate products. You can link directly to your merchants website while still building up your list of connections. Its win-win situation if used correctly.

5. Forum Marketing

Situate yourself as expert in your niche and then drive traffic to your affiliate products by using your signature to direct traffic to the merchants site. If the forum doesnt let you use your affiliate link, then use your social networking link, or blog address.

6. Ezine Marketing

There are virtually thousands of ezines that you can advertise your affiliate product in. Find one that caters to your market.

7. Article Marketing in ezines

Similar to article marketing in directories, you would submit an article to an ezine publisher; at the bottom of the article you place your affiliate link. Because most ezine publishers do accept affiliate links this is a good way to display your expertise as well as introducing others to your product. If, however, the publisher does not accept affiliate links simply use a social networking address or email address.

8. Article swap

You write an article for one ezine publisher, and they write one for your blog. This is great way to get content while expanding your exposure.

9. Video marketing

Make a video showing people how to do something related to your product. For example, if your affiliate product is an article marketing ebook, explain one chapter of the book and how it helped you, and then let viewers know they can learn more techniques by purchasing the book. At the end of the video display your affiliate link, or better yet take them to your lead capture page on your blog.

10. Ad boards

You can advertise for free or for a small fee on online ad sites like craigslist.

11. Business Cards

Handing out business cards is a great way to promote your affiliate business. If you go to workshops or even just get to chatting with someone at the grocery store hand out your business card with your contact info and affiliate link. This has worked really well to build my list.

12. Classified ads.

If you can afford it you can place an ad in your local paper. If not, you can make flyers and put them up in your grocery store, library, on school campuses, or even malls.

13. Email signature

It still surprises me how many people dont create and email signature. Create one that hosts your affiliate link and place it at the bottom of all your emails.

14. Give Seminars

If you dont mind public speaking you can give a quick seminar on your niche topic. At the end of the seminar you can hand out your business card with your affiliate id. Some people will even go as far as to hand out free t-shirts or mouse pads with their affiliate address on it.

15. Ebook

Write a small 7-30 page ebook, solving a problem in your niche. Add your affiliate link to the ebook. Give your ebook away for free and it will become viral. This means people will pass it on to others thus increasing your exposure.

You dont need an elaborate website to succeed as an affiliate marketer. Use the tips above to promote your business and earn money without a website.

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