Saturday, November 22, 2008

Increase Social Bookmarking On Your Blog By 200% With These Magic Words

Increase Social Bookmarking On Your Blog By 200% With These Magic Words
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There is one simple blog marketing tip that I know of that is very simple to implement and at the same time appears to be very effective. It is a technique that I have been constantly using which seems to be significantly increasing the number of times that people socially bookmark my blog posts. You see, people are in the habit of placing icons on their blogs and websites that allow people to bookmark the content through different social bookmarking websites such as Delicious, Furl, Yahoo Bookmarks, etc. Needless to say, this is a really great idea! The more your blog and/or website is bookmarked, the more exposure your business will get across the web.

Now, just the simple act of placing those icons doesn't mean that people will go ahead and bookmark your site. Your chances are a lot higher with those icons, but it still takes someone a little bit of effort to go ahead and decide to bookmark your website. But what I have seen some people do on their blogs to increase bookmarking is probably the most effective thing discussed thus far!

So what have a select few been doing? Well, people have been using the "magic words" in order to increase bookmarking. Most of the time, this doesn't even come through an elaborate use of these magic words. Sometimes I will see people simply say "Please Bookmark," and then supply the icons at the end of the blog post. Now, most people wouldn't find these words particularly interesting, but the first time I saw somebody do this it reminded me of an effective technique that people use in video marketing.

You see, in video marketing a lot of people will ask people at the end of their videos to simply rank, comment, or share the video with other people. It is not odd to see a video with this type of request to have 1 out of 30 viewers rank the video. When comparing these numbers to videos that don't ask you to rank, comment, or share the video, many of these videos struggle to get 1 out of 200 people to rank the video, and it may sound silly of me to suggest this, but I think the reason why is that people are a lot more likely to rank a video if you simply just ask them to do so!

So, what does this mean for a blog or website? Yes folks! I am suggesting that if you simply ask people kindly to bookmark your blog, then they will be a whole lot more likely to do it than if you had just provided them with the social bookmarking links.

Now, my hypothesis is that if your blog post has some really great content, and THEN you ask them to bookmark your page, you will probably have the highest chances of people bookmarking your webpage. I believe that if people feel like that you provided them with that great content, then they might even feel like that they owe you the favor to simply bookmark your webpage. And if you get enough people to do this, then you will get even more and more free traffic to your website. And it will all be because you remembered to say the magic words!

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