Wednesday, November 12, 2008

There Are Now Non-Technical Ways Of Putting Video On A Website!

There Are Now Non-Technical Ways Of Putting Video On A Website!
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I'm sure, like me, you have from time to time arrived at a website and clicked on a link to watch a short video. Depending on the content of the website and your own particular field of interest, you may have watched a short tutorial, the latest Hollywood scandal or even an adrenalin inducing trailer of the latest movie to hit the cinemas.

How amazing it would be, if only it were possible, for average people like you and I to upload videos to our websites in an easy non-technical way.

Well, thanks to the amazing new software advances these days, it is now possible. You can put video on your website with a few clicks and all in the space of just a few short minutes.

Now, without the need of any technical expertise, putting video on your website really is as quick and easy as 1 2 3. The use of sophisticated, easy to use software will automatically resize your videos for optimum performance without compromising quality.

Whether you're promoting a service or selling a product, there is no tool more effective than video to exploit the power of mind control.

Of course internet video is not limited to the confines of business as it opens a whole new dimension to your internet experience. Just think of all the possibilities which are open to you when you put video on your website.

Now when you're away on holiday, Mom and Dad can see the grandchildren frolicking on the beach in a faraway land, friends and family can watch that magic moment when you and your loved one took your vows, and of course the list goes on and on.

Without the dreaded need for them to have to download huge programs or large files to their computers, people are happy to view your videos and after all, the only thing they need to do, is click on the play button. How simple could it be?

You can even add those professional looking touches such as a fast-forward button and rewind button so viewers can go over specific parts of your video again and again.

Many successful internet businesses have found that even the most professionally written content simply cannot compete with the power of video. This is especially true when it comes to marketing certain products.

No matter how well your content has been written, every person interprets the written word differently from the next. On the other hand, video exploits the benefits of mind power, captivating your viewer's imagination while at the same time, delivering a clear and concise message.

We cannot help but agree that a visual demonstration is far more powerful than a written explanation and this is in essence what makes video superior.

Of course it's understandable to be sceptical, especially if you're like me, and you're not technically inclined. But, if you know that you can put video on your website within minutes, with just a few clicks and no prior experience, then this all becomes a very attractive possibility.

In as little as three easy steps to follow you'll be up and running in no time at all, although unfortunately, you'll have to do step No.1 yourself - switch on your camera and make the video.

When you're ready, connect your camera to your PC and open your video file using the new software available. Click on the resize button to optimize for website use, copy the HTML code and you're ready to go. Simply paste the code on your site and you're done!

That's how easy it can be to put video on a website these days if you have chosen the right video uploading software!

Surely there can be no easier non-technical way to put video on your website?

If you want to be able to put video on your website quickly and very easily then just click on the link below and take a look!

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