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Surge Up In Search Engine Rankings Using The Author Resource Box Wisely

Surge Up In Search Engine Rankings Using The Author Resource Box Wisely
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Why is the author resource box so important?
Your author resource box is your best website marketing sales tool in article marketing. This resource box contains the highest return content in your article. Your author resource box holds the key to
* Building your creditability,
* Connecting your reader to your website,
* Converting your reader to a regular visitor of your website, and
* Expanding your sales team without adding salaries or benefits.

Where is the author resource box?
The author resource box is usually located at the bottom of your article, immediately following your content. It's a concise, quick link to you, your background and your website. It is here, in this powerful little box, that you take credit for your article and establish yourself as a recognized expert in your field. And, within your resource box you will provide valuable links for your reader to access your website. Your resource box is a portal into your website, increasing your search engine results and growing your business.

How does the resource box connect the reader and your website?
Your reader has purposely searched out topics related to your article. Since you've already provided great content in your article, your reader will want to continue the quest for more articles, or maybe even buy your products. If you guide your reader into your resource box straight from your article, your reader is already in a mindset to immediately link to your website.

How can my author resource box entice readers to follow my website link?
The most important job of your resource box is to provide a call to action to your reader. Consider your author resource box equal to your closing paragraph on a sales or marketing letter. The resource box wraps up your article and leads your reader to the next step. It is here that you extend a creative, enticing invitation to your reader to link to your site for more information on your article content, as well as additional information, products or services the reader will find within your site.

What should my author resource box include to get the best reader response?
1. Your name, as author and a short description of your background. For example, "John Smith is owner and consultant of ABC Computers. He writes a monthly column for IT Magazine and consults with clients to troubleshoot computer issues."

2. Your specific website URL address. This is the only place in your article where you can use actual HTML code. For the most effective use of your URL link, connect to a page within your site that gives the reader information similar to what was contained in the article they just read. If a viewer has searched for a particular article topic, it's almost certain that they will be looking for more of the same type information within your site. Your website URL will be their link to that information and to your expertise.

3. Your sales pitch. Here's where you get to be creative. You'll need to provide your reader a reason to take action, entice them to go to your website and lead them to valuable resources within your site. You might offer a free report, a related article, a newsletter subscription or a link to your blog. To get more mileage out of your resource box, develop multiple versions of your sales pitch and use it on different articles. Test the effectiveness of each resource box by the number of responses you receive.

4. Anchor text word links. You can also insert second and third links to your website within your author resource box text. Convert important, related words within your resource box into hyperlinks. Connect the anchor text hyperlinks to different pages within your website. This gives your reader multiple avenues into your site, exposes them to different pages that might be of interest to them and gives you one more exposure to your reader. But be careful of multiple text hyperlinks if you have a specific click through goal. Too many links can cause your reader to be confused.

An effective resource box will increase your website traffic and provide your reader with additional references. Your website becomes a valuable resource for the reader. The reader becomes a regular visitor of your site. We all know good things come in small boxes. Don't neglect that all important author resource box at the bottom of your article.

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