Friday, November 7, 2008

5 Free Ways to Promote your Website

5 Free Ways to Promote your Website
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If money is tight there are still ways you can promote your website on the Internet today for free. Generally what you lack in money you will have to make up for by investing more of your time.

Here are 5 free ways to promote your website that will take you a little bit of time on a consistent basis.

1. Article marketing continues to be a very strong way to get traffic to a website. There is a skill to writing a quality article that makes a person want to click on the URL in your resource box.

However anyone can write articles that are interesting if they focus on solving a person's problems. The other key to article marketing is to submit it to some of the top directories.

2. Another very strong way to get traffic is to start your own blog. Writing blog articles on a consistent basis is a great way to get quality traffic.

The key to making blogging work for you is to social bookmark your articles to some of the top social directories including Digg and Stumbleupon. You also need to have an RSS feed subscribe button at the top of your blog where people can find it and subscribe to your blog updates.

3. Another free method of marketing a website that has worked since the beginning of time is email marketing. By building an opt in list of your own you can drive traffic to your website anytime you want by sending out an email to them. This is a great way to introduce new products, as well as continue to sell some of your more popular ones.

4. Posting in discussion forums is an excellent form of social networking that continues to work well even after all these years. As you establish credibility, by providing useful posts in discussion forums, people will want to learn a little more about your business. A passive way to create traffic for free to your website is to create a signature file and offer a brief classified ad on yourself in it.

5. Traffic exchanges are a method of website promotion that many people swear by. These will cost you nothing but the time it takes to surf the exchanges on a daily basis.

The best traffic exchanges are ones where you earn credits for surfing. You trade your credits for advertisements of your own website. The Internet marketers who do the best with traffic exchanges are the ones who promote landing pages and use them to build their mailing list.

These are five free ways to promote your website that have worked in the past and are continuing to work today.

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