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Internet Marketing Strategies for Maximum ROI in this Ever Changing Economy

Internet Marketing Strategies for Maximum ROI in this Ever Changing Economy
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Are you searching for a new way of marketing your business in this uncertain economy? The best marketing strategies focus on bringing in traffic from a combination of sources, because if one traffic source begins to slow down the effect felt will be smaller than if all the traffic comes from one source.

Well planned search engine internet marketing strategies should always be among the first strategies you use, because it takes longer to implement than some of the other more immediate marketing strategies. An organized internal and external linking strategy plays a key role in the best search engine internet marketing strategy.

A search engine internet marketing strategy that is properly planned and executed can become an automatic lead generation machine for years with very little additional maintenance required becoming the most cost effective marketing you can utilize.

Another cost effective internet marketing strategy is internet email marketing. Using your current clients email address it is very easy to implement an internet email marketing campaign. Even if you do not have a current client base, building and email list can be developed in a variety of ways and is the most important task you can focus on.

An email list can be marketed to over and over and if your sales funnel is set up correctly this will drive them deeper into the funnel resulting in a maximum amount of ROI or return on investment.

PPC or pay per click has been around for a few years and is becoming very competitive with many keywords costing $2.00 and up. PPC can become very expensive very quickly especially when you consider ad testing costs. Unless you are experienced at using PPC it can turn out to be the least cost effective internet marketing strategy you use, plus add up a large bill quickly. There are new alternatives to PPC surfacing that with proper testing are proving to be more efficient.

A branding marketing campaign will normally begin with a branding website and then use many different types of online and off line advertising techniques to build credibility and familiarity for a brand name or specific product. This type of internet marketing strategy can take time and a lot of money but can also put you in a dominant spot in the marketplace in the long term.

Testing is the main key for success. When you test you will have usable data to analyze and make choices on which of the campaigns you are using is truly bringing in the maximum ROI. The least cost effective campaigns can either be redesigned or discarded for a while and tested again in the future. Focus on optimizing the most cost effective campaigns you have developed and this will maximize your ROI.

Your internet marketing strategies should always include a variety of sources, because the internet is really just people and people are always changing. You must always be flexible and ready for the ever changing environment of the internet to survive and be found among the millions of websites on the World Wide Web.

Sherrie Chastain
Skunkworks Marketing Solutions, LLC
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