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Legitimate Make Money Online Ways: Avoiding The Four Letter "F" Word

Legitimate Make Money Online Ways: Avoiding The Four Letter "F" Word
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That might sound like a strange title for a post, but I guess that's one of the secrets, getting your attention!

The four letter "F" word that I'm talking about avoiding is not the one that we giggle about as kids, or that some use as an expletive in adulthood. But it's effect on your home business opportunity, mlm or other online venture can be equally as alarming.

The word is "Free".

I'm not saying that you can't make a great deal of money online using free tools and information that is freely available online, but my own experience is that success has been directly related to what I have actually coughed up out of my wallet. Why is this?

Well, for starters, we say that we're looking for a business. Whether its a turnkey home business for moms or a home business for baby boomers, doesn't really matter.

Now I've been self-employed for the majority of my life, but I have never owned a business, online or offline, that has been free. And, quite frankly, I wouldn't want to. It's the investment - cold hard cash - that keeps you on the straight and narrow.

It's the cash that you depart with that ensures that you treat your venture as a business, and not a hobby. It's the bank manager breathing down your neck and treating you like you should be Rumplestiltskin, spinning his straw into gold.

I think its got something to do with the value we place on the things we spend money on. I don't know if you relate, but I've found that the online ventures that I have participated in that have been free seldom held my interest for long enough to get anything out of them.

I also think that the free methods, systems and tools we have available have contributed to the online marketers disease of JFPTP syndrome. And what is that? I'm pretty sure you'll know it when I explain it. Its the "Jump From Pillar To Post" Syndrome.

The incessant dabbling with any and everything that passes into our inbox, in the vain attempt to find the legitimate make money online ways that are going to fill our bank accounts and allow us to work at the kitchen table in our underwear. Although, for many of us that wouldn't be a very pretty sight anyway.

It seems to me that if you invest in something, you are in turn responsible for justifying your expenditure, so we go to greater lengths and exhaust all avenues before we ever dream of giving up. Personally, I've come across many a residual income home business where I've spent a fair chunk of cash on a program, particularly online, and I seem to stick at it and milk it for all its worth.

There's self-esteem at risk here, I don't want anyone to think that I've flushed my money down the proverbial toilet. So I work the system until I can no longer do so, and can gracefully depart with my tail between my legs, but at least with my dignity and integrity intact.

And I have also found that it doesn't really matter what program you are following, it's not the program that decides whether you will succeed or not, it's the system that you use to make the program work. I guess what I'm saying essentially, is that the answer is in the marketing.

It's been said many times before, but I'll just remind you here. Do you really think McDonald's makes the best hamburgers in the world? I think not. I'm sure you have a local small business that makes far superior hamburgers. If they could only plug into a marketing system like McDonald's use, they would have success spilling out of their every pore. It's the systems that work, or to put it in one word, duplication.

So next time you come across what you think is the next, best, latest, greatest thing to make you rich, spewing money like a faulty ATM machine, take a step back. Look outside the box. If it belongs to the four letter word brigade - it's free - that's probably about what it is worth.

Look for duplication. Your aim is obviously to get other people involved. Is this something that you can see other people getting value out of? Because that's what it boils down to. Operate your own home business opportunity, mlm or whatever venture you are involved with keeping in mind that your fastest way to success is by helping others.

Sounds cheesy, corny, whatever I know, you've probably heard it all before. But I just thought I'd repeat it again, because it's just so true, and maybe you just haven't listened properly yet.

I'll wait for you at the top......there's plenty of room!

If you're serious about making money online with your own home business opportunity, mlm or some other online venture, make sure you realize that the most important ingredient for success is the marketing system. There are many legitimate make money online ways, but without a bulletproof marketing system, success may prove elusive. For a proven system that thousands are having amazing results with, visit http://www.moneyfromho.me/?t=sya

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