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AdSense And The Marketer

AdSense And The Marketer
By Paul Majestyck

There is Cheech and Chong, Beauty and the Beast, and then there is AdSense and the marketer. In some ways it is a marriage of convenience, while in other cases it is a mutually beneficial relationship that makes a level of exposure possible that few had considered achievable.

In simplest terms, AdSense is Google's brainchild and is a program destined to remain in place. Website owners turn into marketers by placing the AdSense code onto their sites, and Google will populate the allotted fields with ads targeting the webmaster's niche by being relevant to the site's content.

Webmasters sign up for the AdSense banners and then receive a bit of code which is quickly and simply incorporated into the site. As visitors come to the marketer's site, the meter ticks and each and every time an ad is displayed or a link is clicked, there is a credit put toward the marketer's account. Webmasters may earn per click rewards but also impression based revenue which is usually calculated on a per-thousand ad display.

Remember that as a webmaster you still have a lot of power in regards to the way the ads are displayed. For example, you may choose the colors, and even the drop down menu option! This permits for seamless integration in your site as well as a congruent display of information that is a far cry from the flashy banner ad of yesteryear that has added little content and instead detracted a lot of class from a number of otherwise well designed websites.

It is noteworthy that even those who in the strictest sense of the word are not webmasters have found a way to cash in with AdSense. In some cases there is the opportunity to use the program for revenue generation on a social networking site, blog, forum, or even within articles! While this might not be the vehicle to riches and independent wealth, it is a means to generate a little income via an under served medium.

Conversely, if you are a marketer who is seeking to advertise a product or service via AdSense, the program enables you to fund an account that determines how much click through and per-thousand impression advertising you are willing to pay for and once the funds are exhausted you may choose to continue the contract or you may opt out and search for other marketing opportunities.

A word of warning to the webmaster using the AdSense program: it is not foolproof! Even though by and large the ads displayed on your website will be relevant to the content of your site it is not a guarantee that once in a while an ad that is objectionable to your visitors will slip in. Visit your site frequently to monitor the ads and if you receive emails complaining about any ads displayed, take them seriously! Fortunately, with a simple communication to AdSense, this may be fixed and your website as well as its message will once again be harmonized with the ads.

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