Friday, March 7, 2008

AdWords Tutorial - Setting Up Your Very First AdWords Account

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If you are a new entrant into the field of Google advertising, an AdWords tutorial can help you get started in the right way. Google AdWords is helping business owners, affiliate marketers and a lot of other Internet entrepreneurs in making a lot of money. This pay-per-click advertising approach has emerged as a very successful Internet marketing model.

What Is Google AdWords?

Let me begin this AdWords tutorial by first explaining what exactly Google AdWords is. This very popular Internet marketing and research tool is an advertising program introduced by Google, in which you get to purchase Ad space on Google search pages. This is very much like purchasing "air time" on TV or radio, except that the USP of this model is that you are buying "relevant" Ad space! This means that your Ad shows up only when a person searches for a keyword related to what you are selling. So you are assured of getting the most targeted traffic.

Getting Started

Next step in our AdWords tutorial is "setting up your very first AdWords account". This is as simple as signing up for a free email account. You get to choose between the "Starter Edition" and the "Standard Edition". The latter provides more tools for easier management of your campaigns. In the "Target Customers" section, US campaigners need to select "English" under the language, and countries can be restricted to USA, UK, Australia and Canada more

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