Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Article Writing - Tips On How To Start Writing An Article

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Article writing is an indispensable activity of all literate people. It is a regular feature for nearly all professionals, scholars, teachers and students. For others, it could be an infrequent necessity. In article writing, it is important for you to first get organized. Your aim should be to present the content clearly and concisely.

A Few Pointers On Effective Article Writing

Know your audience. This is very important. Unless you first decide to whom your article is targeted, your writing will never make any headway.

Focus on the subject. Article writing needs that you keep the subject in view at all times. Long paragraphs with texts, which are out of context, will confuse the reader.

Article writing requires planning a preliminary outline. This may include a summary, main body and a conclusion.

Check your facts. Nothing is more embarrassing than to get a feedback that your facts and figures are incorrect or misleading. Consult only dependable documents. If you choose online resources, it is best that you visit only the well known or the official URLs. Obscure websites could be misleading and may contain content written by uninformed writers.

Provide appropriate headings and titles. This will enable your reader to identify the subject you are writing.

Keep paragraphs short. This is easy on the reader. Write in simple and precise language. Use specialized jargon only if the audience is subject specific.

Hone up your language. Any good subject but with bad language is unacceptable. Avoid bad grammar and incorrect spelling.

Provide examples. Examples drive home a point much better than lengthy descriptions. Examples also improve readability and sustain reader interest....read more

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