Friday, March 7, 2008

Social Bookmarking - A Potential Tool

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How is social bookmarking becoming a potential tool for internet marketing? Social media sites have become a great place for business information. Their informal setting induces many entrepreneurs to use them for subtle marketing. If you have developed a social media site, note that it has a huge marketing potential. In fact the fun starts now. Whether you attract visitors to your site, or you go fishing for them; both ways the traffic is yours.

How Does It Work?

Have you ever made a ‘friend’ request on a social media site? Has a website ever invited you to bookmark your sites of interest? If you are a regular internet user, in all probability all this has happened to you. Do you ever wonder why you should go about making friend requests or even accepting such a request? Well, this is the basic step of participating in social bookmarking.

When a friend request is initiated it becomes possible for your social media page to get listed on another site. Now when anyone visits that site, they may get compelled to click on your link. If bookmarking is allowed on this site, the visitors have the advantage of seeing who all you have bookmarked as your friends. Not only that, they can also see how many more people have bookmarked your site. It is amazing indeed. That is the biggest advantage of participating in social bookmarking. Inner site rankings are provided to let people know the popularity of a website. Make sincere efforts to get your site ranked well. This is a great opportunity to have your site more

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