Sunday, March 9, 2008

Understand Adsense Program Better To Avoid Blunders

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Although it’s easy to start an Adsense website, but sometimes things can go terribly wrong if you are not clear how the program actually works. You need not dig into the technical aspects of the program, but it’s crucial to master the basics.

Adsense Is..

Adsense is an internet marketing program launched by Google. Website owners who wish to join this program add a specific Java script to their site. It enables Adsense to exhibit ads on that particular website. The ads are in relation to the content of the website. They are delivered by advertisers who are subscribers of AdWords program and pay for placing their ads on websites.

You Are Paid On The Basis Of...

You are paid on the basis of number of clicks on each ad or the thousandth impression. You get a portion of the money that advertisers pay to Google to get their ads on the sites. Moreover, your payment is also influenced by Google’s pricing and Advertisers’ budget. Remember, Google is only an intermediary and editor, not the real source of more

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