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Building Your Web Site Traffic - Link Building And RSS Feeds

Building Your Web Site Traffic - Link Building And RSS Feeds
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Just about anyone can create a website pretty easily these days with a few mouse clicks, but buildings your web site traffic is a lot more difficult. Don't worry if you need to increase traffic to your web site because I can show you how to do it. If this sounds interesting to you, then read on for the details.

One of the best ways to building your web site traffic is through link building. Link building occurs when you have other websites that link to yours. In return, you link to their web site. Search engines will rank your page higher in the listings if you are linked to sites that are similar to yours. For example, if your site is about computers then you should be linked into other sites about computers and technology. If your site is linked to topics totally different such as child-care or cooking sites, then your page ranking will suffer because the links are not pertinent to the topic.

Create top 10 lists on your site. People like to link to lists because the lists are easy to read and informative. In addition, lists just look pretty neat and you have a better chance of getting people to link to your site by providing funny or topical lists that pertain to your web site content.

Another way to increase web traffic to your site is to submit your content to RSS feeds. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and is a generic format that is used to publish content from blogs, web sites and news sources that are frequently updated. Readers subscribe to RSS feeds so that they can get website updates directly to their desktops. As a content provider, you would submit your web site to RSS directories. The RSS directories will list your site as a feed available to users who wish to subscribe. This will increase the amount of links that you will get as well as turn up your site in search engines.

Many people find that using forums is a great way to build traffic to your site. However, this requires a lot of work on your part. You must find a forum that has similar content to what is on your site that also has a high page rank in search engines. Then you need to join the forum and start making posts. Each of your posts should have a link to your website. However, moderators are quick to delete any posts that are blatant spamming for your site. To prevent your posts from getting deleted, you will need to create thoughtful and informative posts.

You must contribute something to the forum that you are on so that you will be considered part if that community. Those who are simply there to promote their own site will quickly be found out. Active users of the forum will not have their posts removed, so it pays to be helpful and informative. You may get quite a bit of traffic from the forum postings, but you will also have to post a lot to make a name for yourself. All of these are great ways to build traffic to your web site.

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