Sunday, November 2, 2008

Getting Your Press Release Noticed

Getting Your Press Release Noticed
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If you are trying to get publicity without spending big bucks, then using press releases is a great idea. They are powerful tools that will inform people about your business. People look to the media for good information, making press releases a wonderful tool to use for company promotion.

Of course you want to make sure that you get your press release noticed so that you get the recognition and attention that you want. So, here are some top tips for getting your press release noticed.

Tip #1 - Make Sure the Release is Newsworthy

First of all, if you really want to get your press release noticed, you need to make sure that the release is newsworthy. It should sound like something that was written by a reporter. It should have the most important information in the beginning of the release and should avoid any hype.

Tip #2 - Send to Sources that are Relevant

You'll also want to make sure that you send the press release to sources that are relevant if you want to make sure it gets noticed. Make sure you don't send it to everyone you can think of, since this looks very unprofessional. Find out whom to send your release to and look for relevant sources before you start sending out the release.

Tip #3 - Only Use One Page

If you want your press release to get noticed, make sure that you only use one page. Most of the time, the editors only read a few sentences of the release. If they see that the release is more than one page, it will probably be rejected. After all, most readers are not going to take the time to read that much material, so it's a waste of your time to write that much for your press release.

Tip #4 - Use Reader Friendly Text Formatting

Reader friendly text formatting is also very important. Make sure that you use easy to read, short sentences. Paragraphs should be short, and it should be written on a level that is easy for everyone to read.

Tip #5 - Have Evidence to Back up Statements

If you make statements within your press release, make sure that you have the evidence to back it up. After all, reporters have to make sure that they have sources. Including quotes that support your statements is a great idea and they really add to press release.

Tip #6 - Follow up With Editors

Following up with editors is also important if you want your press release to be noticed. You'll want to make sure they received it. However, don't just keep bugging them. Contacting them once is great, but going beyond this may decrease your chances of getting your release published.

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