Saturday, November 1, 2008

Your Online Marketing Business: The Tasks That Matter

Your Online Marketing Business: The Tasks That Matter
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If you have any type of internet marketing business then you know that often times it seems like there are countless tasks that need to be done to keep your business running. But there is a problem that most marketers do not realize is plaguing them.

The problem is that there is to much to do.

Which brings up the question: If there is to much to do then how can you have a successful online marketing business.

That is the question of the hour and there is a simple answer to that question.

But for many online marketers the answer is not easy to implement.

If you want your business to surpass 97% of other online businesses and actually succeed then the answer that you need to realize for that question is...

Are you ready. Here it comes. Please do not discount the simplicity of it. If you take it to heart it could change your businesses permanently.

Here is what you need to do, here is the answer.

You need to step back and take some time and figure out the top five tasks that contribute to the overall bottom line of your business.

That's right, just five tasks.

Why just five? Because after five you start to get overwhelmed and stressed out and then you end up getting very little done.

If and only if you are able to complete those five tasks should you do other things that contribute to the overall bottom line.

Most likely you will have time every week to do other things but that time should be secondary to the top five things.

If you take the time needed to examine and figure out what those five tasks are most likely they will have something to do with traffic generation, maybe free, maybe paid or maybe both. You'll probably also realize that another one is related to product creation or finding products to promote if you are an affiliate, maybe some forum posting and so on.

Whatever you do you have to develop the descipline to stay with these five tasks until they are finished. At first you might find that you don't have any extra time to do other things after you finish these tasks but in time you will become much more proficient and you will almost always have time to spare.

Building a successful online business comes down to getting the things done that matter the most to the bottom line of your business.

If you try and do a hundred things to make your business better you probably won't get one thing done as it should be. It's your choice really. What kind of business do you want to have?

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