Thursday, March 6, 2008

5 AdWords Tips To Get Those Dollars Pouring In

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If you have started on your very first Internet marketing venture, some AdWords tips can help get the ball rolling for you. Making money with Google AdWords is very easy, and yet most people fail miserably at it! Using AdWords effectively requires a precise combination of art and science. You should be able to get that creative edge on your competitors, and you should also be able to manipulate the number-game!
Designing The Ad

Be specific. This is the most important of all AdWords tips that you’ll get. You only want clicks that can convert to sales. So be specific in the header-line of your Ad. If you sell “floral pattern bed sheets”, mention the entire thing in the heading. You don’t want people looking for geometric patterned sheets clicking through!

What’s-In-It-For-Me. Yes, tell the customer how they would benefit by using your product. Find out what they need, and then provide it to them.

USP. What is your unique selling point? Why should anybody select your product over any other brand?

Keyword Selection

Cost. Most articles on AdWords tips will tell you about finding a balance between the popularity of keywords and their CPC. Sometimes incorrect spellings can also get you a lot of targeted traffic while keeping the CPC low.

Targeted traffic. For exact keyword phrases, use quotes and square brackets, like “NYC Theatre Tickets” or [Lion King Broadway Tickets].

Freebie hunters. Use “-free” to keep them away as they aren’t likely to result in any more

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