Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Entertainment Logos Used In Web 2.0

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With the increased usage of Web 2.0 sites and applications, many of the online entertainment businesses as well as media related sites are gaining popularity, especially with the younger generation. The World Wide Web being a market mainly dependent on visuals, Web 2.0 sites and applications are gearing up to face the challenge of retaining the younger clientele. These sites are gradually adopting more modern and contemporary entertainment logos to attract the younger market. Entrepreneurs newly entering the market with the web as their market place need to carefully evaluate and study the latest styles and trends in logo designs. This is mainly important in the case of entertainment companies and firms in the media business as they are expected to have impressive logo designs and corporate identities.

Latest Logo Designs In The Market

1. Punctuations and Keyboard Symbols - These symbols are now deeply ingrained emails, IM messaging and the general teen culture. These are now being translated into various media logos, designs and expressions which always indicate a strange interpretation that is viewer dependent. Incorporation of these symbols into an effective logo design also reveals the freedom of expression and communication....read more

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