Tuesday, March 4, 2008

An Un-biased View On Some Common Ways Of Traffic Generation

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We all know the importance of traffic generation for the success of any online venture – be it a website selling some products or services, or simply a money making blog. In order to make any profit out of the venture, you first need to have targeted, high quality, contextually relevant traffic on it! “People will buy what you’ve got only if they can first see what you’ve got!” And that summarizes, in one short sentence, how essential it is to have customized traffic directed your way! Let’s take a look at how effective some of the more popular ways of generating traffic are.

Pros And Cons Of Traffic Generation Ways

Article marketing. A bit time consuming, but can direct a decent volume of quality traffic your way, as people who read those articles will most probably be directly or indirectly interested in the products or services that the article talks about.

Viral marketing. Leaving the URL of your website in random forums, discussion boards, YouTube videos, as well as in all your outgoing emails, as a signature, will lead to a pretty high quantity of traffic generation no doubt, but the quality of that traffic is highly questionable.

Link exchanges. Exchanging links with related websites can be useful, but exchanging links with just about anyone and everyone will not really serve much purpose, because the search engines, though they give a very high importance to the number of back links you have, also take into consideration the relevance of the content, on those source link pages, to your website.

Social marketing. Participating in forums “related” to your product segment can be beneficial in traffic generation to a small extent, if you share useful information with the readers of that forum and end your posts with a link to your website.

Mass emailing. Unfortunately, this once-very-successful method of traffic generation has totally lost its effectiveness today, because people are simply not interested in clicking on links from strangers anymore. It can even get you blacklisted as a spammer today in fact! ....read more

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