Saturday, March 8, 2008

Mass Customization And Viral Marketing

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Have you heard of mass customization? Viral marketing allows you to do that for your target audience. The greatest advantage of mass customization lies in the fact that you are able to tailor your core message for users in such a way that every recipient feels that the message is meant only for him. Such a message carries far greater credibility than a standard – one size fits all approach that most advertisements apply.

So how do you customize a message that has a target audience of say ten thousand? There are a few very distinct methods, and they vary with the mechanism of viral marketing that you decide to use.

Click Here For FREE Info On Mass Customization And Viral Marketing

Customize Or Fail

If you are going to launch your viral marketing campaign using e-mail as the primary media, then the process is fairly simple. To begin with, you will need to tap the power of the core group of your users. This is a group of power users who are so satisfied with your product or service that they are willing to put in a good word on your behalf to just about anyone. Ask all of them for a testimonial and references of friends and business acquaintances who they think will be interested in your more

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